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Windows Server 2019 Quick Overview

What's new in Windows Server 2019? Come take a look with us!
Mark C. : The control panel is hosted so it would be available through DNS to any system on a domain using the servers name in the web browser. That is where the remote desktop would come into play. This is a way of monitoring a server without the need to RDP into that machine.
CEO100able : Cool! But since older Windows Server operating systems, like Windows Server 2003, was released in 2003, why is this one called Windows Server 2019? It isn't 2019 yet.
Robert Hibbs : It’s like watching a muppet review a toaster
Chris Macht : Honest review is what I love. Much love fam thank you so much stay blessed..
D Montalvo : Great Overview Artur, keep up the good work! Subscribed- wanted to be #1,000 congrats!

How to Set Up a Windows Server 2019 Domain Controller

Demonstration on how to:

1. Download and Install Windows Server 2019 with Desktop Experience
2. Add Active Directory Services
3. Promote to Domain Controller
4. Verify working

Windows Server 2019 was installed in VirtualBox for this demonstration. The Virtual Box Guest Additions were added to fix scaling and drag-n-drop.

Download the 180-day eval of Windows Server 2019 from here:

#windowsserver2019 #2019domaincontroller
shuntera : VERY much appreciate getting right into it without 20 minutes of waffle, this is great for us guys who needed to set a DC up quickly who have never done it before. Subscribed.
Brian Hansen : Great video. Easy to follow, no zig-zag - just straight forward learning. The best video on the subject.
Chris McCron : Thanks so much for this. I am in a course right now that just blew past this step and this is getting me back on course. I appreciate it!
Carlos Lima : Thank you very much for showing this! Awesome step by step explanation
Larry T.Lover : This is a very helpful clear-cut video. First time setting up a Domain Controller. Again Great Video.

Windows Server 2019 Licensing Explained

When calculating how many and what kind of Windows Server 2019 licenses you will need, it is important to first understand the licensing models for each edition of Windows Server 2019 and how they work. Learn all about about Windows Server 2019 licensing.
Lucas Rodmo : The pricing in Windows Server Standard and Datacenter is absolut bunkers, you can easily spend US$ 40K in a unique server with enough VMs, SO EXPENSIVE, considering that enterprise hardware it is already very pricy, the licencing usually cost around 30% of the hardware, which is insane. Small business are at the worst here, because they can afford small and cheap servers, but the cost of licencing will be the same in the base.
mdd1963 : So my cost for a pair (dual socket) of 64 core CPUs (128 cores total) for lots of WS2019 VMs with Datacenter would be roughly just...$40k or so?
ty kam : If you need to make and publish a video explaining licensing and get 22k views in less than a year...then is complex and confusing because no one on the planet understands MS licensing.
Khalid Achwaq : Or you can just use Linux for

Mahmoud Omer : Beutiful




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