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Order! Speaker John Bercow sorgt im House of Commons für Ordnung

Order! Order! Order!

Mit diesem Ruf interveniert Parlamentssprecher John Bercow, wenn es im britischen Unterhaus wieder einmal hoch hergeht. Das kommt häufig vor. Vor allem während wichtiger Debatten und der wöchentlichen "Prime Minister's Question Time", wenn sich die Regierungschefin den Fragen des Oppositionschefs und der Abgeordneten stellen muss. Dann werden Wortbeiträge gerne von der jeweils anderen Seite mit Raunen, Buh- und Zwischenrufen bedacht. Für die eigene Seite lässt man dagegen auch mal ein lautstarkes "Hear!" hören. Trotzdem bleibt man immer förmlich. Andere Mitglieder werden immer nur in der dritten Person angesprochen.

Unterteilt werden die Mitglieder des Unterhauses in Frontbencher und Backbencher (Vorderbänkler und Hinterbänkler). In der vordersten Reihe sitzen die Regierungsmitglieder, ihnen gegenüber sitzt das Schattenkabinett. Das ist ein Kreis designierter Regierungsmitglieder um den Oppositionsführer. Sie sind dafür zuständig, den Ministern in ihren jeweiligen Politikfeldern die Hölle heiß zu machen. Nicht jeder Abgeordnete hat einen Platz im Parlament, bei wichtigen Abstimmungen sitzen daher viele auch auf den Treppen oder drängen sich im Eingangsbereich oder um den Sitz des Sprechers.

Abgestimmt wird unter anderem, indem die Abgeordneten die Kammer entweder durch die "Aye-Lobby" oder durch die "No-Lobby", zwei Flure in entgegengesetzter Richtung, verlassen. Die Abgeordneten werden dabei gezählt. Zwei Parlamentarier von jeder Seite - die sogenannten Teller - sind dafür zuständig, die Auszählung zu überwachen und treten anschließend vor den Sprecher und verkünden das Ergebnis. Der stellt dann fest, welche Seite gewonnen hat.

The speaker of the House of Commons is usually taken for granted, except for those rare moments when Britain is having a legislative meltdown and Parliament gets center stage.
And for the Brexit crisis, you might say that the current speaker, John Bercow, is made to ORRR-DUHHH.
As a rambunctious Parliament is grappling with the contentious issue, Bercow is trying to stay above the fray. With his stentorian voice, assertive ways and unapologetic manners, he's playing a major role shaping the debate over Britain's troubled withdrawal from the European Union.
But along the way, he has ruffled some feathers in the government of Prime Minister Theresa May. He's even been compared to the devil by a tabloid newspaper.
The 55-year-old Bercow, who has been speaker since 2009, determines which amendments will be voted on, who will be called upon to speak, and deciding when to use his commanding voice to demand "order."

Or as he sometimes pronounces it, "ORRR-DUHHH! ORRR-DUHHH!"
Some in the government feel he's opposed to Brexit, and it doesn't help that his wife's car is festooned with an anti-Brexit sticker. Others feel he's simply determined to preserve Parliament's power and put the government in its place.
After he was called "Speaker of the Devil" in a front-page headline this week, Bercow refused to apologize for challenging the government. "My job is not to be a cheerleader for the executive branch," he said. "My job is to stand up for the rights of the House of Commons."

The speaker is supposed to be impartial and is required to step down from the political party he or she belonged to when elected. The speaker's primary role is to maintain order, something Bercow does with a certain amount of style. "The House must calm itself. Zen. Restraint. Patience," he has said when things threaten to get out of hand. Bercow at times presides over Britain's august legislators as if they were a bunch of unruly kids who won't eat their broccoli. Earlier this year, a former employer accused him of bullying, but Bercow denied the charge. [Source: AP]
Albi_724 : Deutschland: Herr Kollege könnten Sie bitte...
MaFd0n : The person who came up with the idea of having someone yell order in the house of commons is the best unknown comedian
DocDarm : Seit wann macht die Tagesschau Compilations? :D
Keshihead : 0:30 Is Bercow a Jedi? He seems to be using the Jedi Mind Trick there...
Mort : Bundestag: "Sehr geehter Herr Kollege, für unparlamentarische Aussagen muss ich sie leider zur Ordnung rufen"

Britisches Parlament: "ORDAAAAAH"

Order, ORDER! The best moments from John Bercow

House Speaker John Bercow has built himself a reputation internationally thanks to his thunderous pronouncements in the Commons. Here’s a collection of his best moments.

Mr Bercow did not comment today when approached by reporters outside Parliament, after he blocked a third ‘meaningful’ vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

He said parliamentary rules prevent a motion being brought back repeatedly for votes in the same session of Parliament.

His statement further complicates Theresa May's attempts to get her deal approved.

Report by Gianluca Avagnina.

#JohnBercow #HouseOfCommons #Brexit #TheresaMay #BrexitDeal
Julius Kolb : John visits a restaurant:
"Excuse me, could you take my OORDEEEEERRRRR?"
2012daffyduck : I want his vocabulary
EmulationofAwesome : I have watched a lot of Bercow footage, but I never saw him without a suit until this video. I'm shook.
wolfmanjacksaid : The perfect speaker doesn't exi-
Maximiliano Aedo : I challenge John Bercow give his longest ever "Order".


'It burns' is a song taken from ’The Gospel’ album
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Video concept and production: ORDER \u0026 Super Lino Puro Productions

It Burns is a song from the album The Gospel performed by ORDER. Guitars: Anders Odden, bass; Stu Manx, drums; Kjetil Manheim, Vocals; Kjetil Manheim.
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Christian Granum : Beste jeg har hørt og sett på veldig lenge. Helt vilt! Herlige Bathory-trommer og aggressive vokaler. Tusen takk.
Satanisk Samfunn : Love the production. Outstanding vocals :)
FUCKYOUALL : Manheim’s vocals are superb!!
Adelram Wolfrik : It's so amazing how they can share heritage of Mayhem past with they own presence.
Jim Nordal : On Saturday it will be live in Moss. Good video and great song




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